Pollyseon STOW + GO ESSENTIALS Review

Words fall short in describing how much I love the STOW + GO ESSENTIALS from POLLYSEON!

After two weekend trips, I can confidently say Polly and Judy ingeniously ‘hit a homerun’ by perfecting travel organization in several markets. Every tiny detail of the cases has been meticulously thought out! Timeless style, strong durability, and engineered functionality combine to deliver the ULTIMATE SET OF TRAVEL BAGS.

As a fashion stylist, I really appreciate the fashionable characteristics of the STOW + GO ESSENTIALS. The black color on high-quality fabrics combined with sturdy shapes accented with white stitching and silver hardware creates an ageless look for years to come. Another thing I like about this style is that it’s gender neutral. In the hotel lobby, I was impressed how handsome my husband looked with the carry-all over his shoulder!

The bags’ engineered construction, high-quality fabrics, and hardware are also worthy of respect. Padded interior, reinforced straps, and even heat-resistant iron case lining are just a few details that make these bags extremely durable. I also noticed that the compartments, zippers, and straps felt sturdy and dependable. My favorite durability feature though is the smooth interior lining, making it very easy to wipe down in case of liquid spillage.

Functionality is where STOW + GO ESSENTIALS outshine any other travel storage alternative. I’m blown away at how much you can fit in those compact bags! Not only that, all the compartments and side pockets make it possible to easily and quickly keep everything organized. With all our high-pace unpacking and packing, we now have more time and less stress!

For hair stylists and make-up artists, the STOW + GO ESSENTIALS will revolutionize your business! Efficiently manage your tools and impress clients with the professional look. For business and personal travelers, you can organize personal belongings, samples, photos, binders, business cards, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you POLLYSEON.. STOW + GO ESSENTIALS has made our traveling so much easier!

Pollyseon Style. Stow. Go. Beauty and Travel Cases


The Smart Way to Stay Organized
and Travel in Style

The “Style Stow and Go” philosophy behind the Pollyseon carry-all travel and storage cases are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of professionals and the novice alike. Pollyseon designs beauty and fashion tool-specific organization gear that is heat and spill resistant. These cases are essential in making work and travel easier and more efficient!

Polly J. Shrewsbury and Judy Seonkyung Im founded Pollyseon, LLC in 2008 to establish an innovative and patent-pending line of travel bags for styling tools that offer durable and fashionable packing solutions for beauty industry professionals, business travelers, and for personal organization.

Here is a video demonstrating the Stow + Go Essentials Carry-All.

I am going to be traveling with the Pollyseon carry-all travel bags over the Labor Day weekend. Check back for my thoughts about the Pollyseon Stow + Go Essentials in the upcoming weeks!

Etsy Round Up Summer Nautical Edition

Summer is still here, and I plan on using up every last second of it. Etsy is a great place to find one of kind hand crafted goods along with up and coming fashion designers, and great vintage pieces. This week I have themed this round up Nautical Edition.

Nautical Sailing Bracelet

Nautical Gold Chain Bracelet

Nautical Anchor Tank
Skipper Super High Waisted Sailor Bikini

Nautical Flat Bow Shoe Clip

Fashion Styling Challenge is Finished!!

The 30 outfits in 30 days with the same 30 articles of clothing has come to a close. This challenge was hard for me in the following ways, first I do not get dressed everyday. I work from home and workout every day so I wear my work out clothes or the same jeans and T combo pretty much every day. If I didn’t wear my work out clothes all day( ewww I know) I would change my outfit like three times and that is too many times to go from my living room to my office. Another challenge was I really did not need to have 30 pieces of clothing 15 would have been more of a challenge. I did however realize I have a ton of clothes I don’t wear. What to do with these under used items I’m not sure yet.

The best part of this challenge was I did organize my closet. I used the soda can pop top things to piggy back my hangers and WOW!! I love all of the space. I got the idea from Pinterest.

Here are Nicole and my last installments of the Fashion Styling Challenge.

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