Month: September 2015

Nourish Organic Skin Solve #RanBonusBox

If you follow Fashion Stylist on Instagram, you would have seen that I received a ‘bonus box’ from Rakuten a few weeks ago. Basically, these bonus boxes are a way for publishers to try out advertiser goods in a non-committed way to help create genuine relationships.

The last box had something I was super curious about: Nourish Organic Skin Solve. It’s basically a cream to oil all-over moisturizer. I am not the biggest lotion user mostly because I never feel like it works in the long term. If I put it on three times a day everyday, sure my skin is softer. I started using coconut oil last year and really loved it. It made a difference in the moisture of my skin. I use it all over even to smooth out the dry ends of my hair. Problem was, it’s such a pain to use and impossible to travel with.

The Nourish Organic Skin Solve is a combination of organic rose hip oil, shea butter, pumpkin butter, coconut oil, and a lot of others. The combination makes the room temperature product squeezable from a tube, not rock hard like my old coconut oil. Also, you can apply it like a lotion. It goes on smooth and light and absorbs quickly leaving a subtle shine to your skin. The box says that you can use it on your face, lips, and hair, everywhere basically. I have yet to use it on my face. Something about putting oil on my face seems counter-intuitive. I love it as an everywhere else moisturizer.

To sum it up, I love the Nourish Organic Skin Solve! I’m not all that experienced in organic beauty products, but I know that this works for me.

Below are the other products I plan to try from Nourish Organic.





Look Human, Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL

Look Human celebrates the individuals who refuse to be tamed; the free-spirits living their lives one party at a time. Their designs offer an indelible souvenir of all those crazy moments that leave you feeling forever young, wild, and free. Dress for the moment.

With the NFL season KICKING OFF and Super Bowl 50 happening this year, we thought it would be fun to showcase some stand out shirts to wear all season long.

Fitness Whole Pizza

Hooray Sports

That one is definitely for me! and last but not least my favorite…

DADDY First Pick


Check out Look Human for all of your momentous dressing!