Beauty Bioscience Product Review Coming Soon

 I have been seeing many ads about the lash enhancing and beauty med products on the market. They are filled with the small print warnings about possible side effects like iris discoloration, darkening of the area around the eye, and itchy red peeling skin. However, I am still extremely curious about all the med cosmetics. Is there any without all these irreversible and uncomfortable side effects?

Recently, I have been seeing more buzz about a company called Beauty Bioscience. Their  RetinoSyn-45 and Lash Allure MD products have none of these harmful side effects.

Beauty Bioscience, founded by the father-daughter team of Dr. Terry James and Jamie O’Banion is dedicated to providing Truth in Beauty™. They generously sent their line of products for my review and I am super excited to give them a try. Keep an eye out and your lashes ready for upcoming posts about my beauty journey!



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