Month: February 2012

Oscars, Who was Best Dressed and Who Played it Safe

 The 84th annual Academy Awards were Sunday night. The Star studded affair was filled with designer fashions. While watching the red carpet I can’t help but wonder why didn’t any of the ladies take some risks. I thought the majority of the ladies wore the same safe styles as years past. If I were frequenting the red carpet I would be pulling out all the stops and trying all the trends, but I’m not so I’ll just do a recap for you all.
 Some of the trends I saw last night were white, and black I was actually surprised that Angelia wore black.




Neons for Summer How to Add a POP of Color

   Neon is all the rage in Spring and Summer. Neons are extremely bright colors that are typically orange, yellow, pink, and green. Adding color to you winter wardrobe is also a great way to continue wearing more of your clothing year round. Neon is an instant update for any age. Here are three ways to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Mix and Match One of the More popular trends along with a pop of neon is to wear colored jeans. A neon accessory that is not  close to the other color can complement any colored jeans outfit. The trick is to choose one color that is neon and one that is not.

Color at any age  Whether you are in your teens or not, color is wearable. This more toned down accent of color is great for anyone of any age. Also, color in this way can be very dressed up.
Men Can Wear Neon Too!

Just a little Pop  Again, if you are not trying to make a statement, just an update, ditch the neutral accessories and add some fun color.

Meet Sarah From Sarah’s Style Watch

 Sarah asked me on Twitter if I would check out her blog Sarah’s Style Watch. Instantly, I fell in love with her play on the word “watch” and she is doing an alphabet trend, which is a trend corresponding with the letters of the alphabet one a day along with an outfit Sarah styles. Sarah’s Style Watch is a fresh creative blog about fashion and beauty.  Here is a little more about Sarah and summer shoes trends.
 Hey everyone, I’m Sarah. I’m from Ireland, and currently a student. I’m a self confessed fashion and beauty addict, and my favorite thing to do is rummage around a charity shop looking for quirky and unique items. I love charity shops that much, I actually got myself a part time job in one. I believe there are no rules to fashion. Fashion is about expressing yourself, helping show another side to your personality.
Loafer Pump

I cannot wait for the summer to begin. Even though we are still in early spring, I am counting down the days until I can pack away my winter woollies and bring out my sandals and dresses. I have started to look for shoes that will be great for summer time.
I am in love with the loafer pumps. These shoes are so versatile, and come in so many different colors and designs. Perfect for dresses, shorts, skirts, peg-leg trouser, you name it; these shoes will look gorgeous with anything. Marc Jacobs, Charles Philip, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Sam Edelman all gave their versions of this classic men’s shoe.

 Next up is the summer essential, the sandal. Sandals are the number one shoe for the summer. This summer, I’m looking for sandals with a thin t-bar strap and lots of bling on them. Burberry Prorsum, Jimmy Choo and Tory Burch designed some fantastic sandals. Burch created a sandal with a floral sole with a simple strap. Beautiful.

Tory Burch Emmy Printed Sole Sandal

They look so effortless and chic. At the spring/summer fashion weeks, wedges and espadrilles were spotted in Ralph Lauren, Mulberry, Burberry Prorsum and many others. The Classic Espadrilles, with their trademark rope sole, were huge last summer, and will be another big hit this summer.

Paul Smith Espadrills

Writing this I’m getting even more excited for summer. These are the style of shoe I’ll be looking for this summer. Have you been inspired? What type of shoe will you be sporting this summer?


Interning in the Fashion Industyry, What’s Your Story?

Last week, I read this article from The Grindstone about whether or not interning in the fashion industry is the worst job ever. Their article was a reaction from this post on Fashionista. The Fahsionista post talks about all the horror stories from fashion interns, which are quite entertaining if you are curious. Interning is a tricky concept in the fashion industry. Many college students are so excited to finally be getting their feet wet in the industry that their judgment is skewed about the actual relevance to their career path. The lawsuits against major fashion houses for the mistreatment and unpaid wages for people interning is also a real problem. All of these articles are offering little in ways to help college students or anyone new to the industry achieve a positive, or productive work relationship that will lead to an actual paying job.

My experience interning is very similar to this story, from Fashionista. I went to college in Michigan and midwest fashion was not the industry that I was interested in exploring. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do as a long term goal in my career but I did know that I wanted an intern experience that was hands on, informative, and personal. I wanted ultimately to see how a designer created, produced, marketed, and sold products so I chose to work under a small label. I did, however, receive compensation periodically through clothing which was very cool. I didn’t learn very much about any of my ultimate goals but I did learn that choosing where you intern is a very important decision and you need to ask a lot of hard question before you commit.

I am no expert, but here is what I think I could have done differently to make the most out of my small label interning experience.

1st Do the research. Get as much information as you can get about the company before the interview. You need to know the financial strength of the company to decide if they are going to be in a position to hire any new people regardless of how well you perform.

2nd At the interview or after they offer you a position, ask how many other interns they have. This will help you gauge free labor verse actual learning experience.

3rd Ask what starting positions they are looking for or will be open after you complete your internship. Also, ask what those wages are and the hours that are expected. You need to know from a superior position how to get to the top.

Here is an FYI  from my intern days, out of myself and two friends,  and five internships combined none of us work for the companies that we have interned with. All of those horror stories that are so entertaining and a right of passage are true to some extent for each of our internships. My advise to those looking to break out into the fashion Industry is to  keep your mind open, you may stumble upon a career you never thought imaginable.

Oh, and if you would like to vent about your interning experience please send us your stories.

Fashion Week NYC Fall/Winter 2012: How to Wear the Runway

NYC Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is coming to an end and everyone is busy putting in their orders for the fall.  I love the outrageous looks that glide down the runway, but how can you really dress like that in your every day life. Runway shows are intended to communicate the artist statement from the designers line so no one expects you to come into work with a 12in braided bun on the top of your head. What is expected is that you pick some elements and work those into your wardrobe. One trend per outfit is a good plan to start with.
Check out these from Alexander McQueen S/S2012

The pepulm jacket, lace, and figure accenting skirts are all great ways to express these looks.
Here are some pieces that you can work into your wardrobe to be ready for this summer.


Peplum waist lines were also a trend this fall, so think about how to use the pieces you already have in this coming season.

Mermaid Skirt

For more info about the products,  follow the links below.

Delicate Raymond Designer Jewelry Review

Michelle Zimmerman, founder and CEO of the jewelry line Delicate Raymond, sent Fashion Stylist a sample of her beautiful petite pearl rosary necklace for me to check out. My experience with Delicate Raymond and Michelle has been wonderful. Michelle was very prompt and friendly with all of our communication along with a hand written note in the package.

 Delicate Raymond is handmade jewelry that offers a unique blend of designs, whether it’s incorporating intricate vintage wear offset by romantic hints of blush gems, or mixing semi precious stones with locally sourced gold and silver. These delicate one of a kind pieces are beautiful layered or alone.
 Delicate is an elegantly designed eCommerce site that uses clear photography and to the point descriptions, all while communicating the story of the brand.  While using the eCommerce site, I was able to see the look of Delicate Raymond as a brand. Each collection has a description and easy to navigate organization. Also, be sure to check out the site often for the deal of the week and other promotional specials.

The Petite Pearl Rosary Necklace is gold filled, measures 17” and is adorned with Swarovski pearls. I have been wearing the necklace everyday, all day alone and layered with other pieces. I can assure you that the necklace has weathered the wear. I have worn it in the shower and to the gym. Not once has my hair been pulled or has any wear shown on the piece itself. As for the clasp, I feel that is has the up most quality and is easy to hook alone. Delicate Raymond offers exceptional quality high fashion jewelry that will last for years to come. Plus, check out the celeb following.

You can follow Delicate Raymond on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks again Michelle and everybody at Delicate Raymond. It has been great getting to know your brand. You have spot on fashion jewelry with timeless craftsmanship.