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How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer Than Their Value

Now that Fashion Stylist is carrying more affordable lines I thought it would be a good time to talk about how to properly care for your clothes designer or other wise. I get questions all the time about how to wash bathing suits and bras. Here is how I make the most out of my clothing purchases.

1st of all only wash any machine washable clothing in cold water on delicate. 2nd do not over stuff the washer and keep like colors together and similar fabric
( no jeans and t shirts in the same load)
The Detregent debate is large on which is best for your clothing in my experience Woolite works or The Laundress Baby Detergent. These are the more pricy options, most of the time I buy  cheaper detergent that I can use for all my laundry and hand wash things that are really delicate in shampoo more on that in the How to hand wash section below.

Next  to make your colors last as long as possible avoid drying in the dryer. If you don’t have the time or the space to air dry everything put the dryer on low heat and remove the clothing before it is completely dry and air dry the rest of the way.

Never machine wash Sweaters, Tights or Leggings! some people even say this for bras, I cheat and use a laundry bag on delicate.

How to hand wash: Hand washing is not as bad as it sounds. It takes a little time but it is well worth the effort when your sale sweater from three years ago still look new.

1. After making sure your sink is clean and free from all bleach, fill with luke warm water.

2. Use a gentle detergent, I use a cheap shampoo suds up you water and add your clothing probally one piece at a time.

3. Gently knead the clothing kind of like dough and swish it around to make sure it is getting clean. Your water is more than likely grey at this point lol gross.

4. Squeeze never ring! excess water out of the clothing drain sink

5. Refill sink and rinse repeating the same kneading swishing as before, It is important to get all the soap out of the clothing. Squeeze out exceess water.

6. Now for Sweaters , Bras, and Shirts lay them flat on a bath towel re shaping them to dry. For leggings, and tights you can hang them over a hanger or on a Drying Rack like this one from Kmart if you do not have space to lay them flat.

Some other pointers on how to make your clothing last longer is to wear a Cami under your sweaters so you do not need to wash them as much. Also to invest in a steamer some more affordable clothing can  get very wrinkly and the fabric can not handle the heat of the iron trust me even on low, I have melted and burned many trend little dresses.  but you can freshen it up with a steamer.

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Affordable Fall Fashion Trends: Mens, Womens, and Maternity

In case you didn’t notice yesterday on Twitter and On facebook Fashion Stylist is now selling Forever21!! I am so excited, I love a look for under 100$ and some costume jewelry all in the same retailer. What makes this Forever 21 at Fashion Stylist even better is you don’t have to comb through every rack  to find your size or wait in line to check out.

Forever 21  is an American chain of clothing retailers with branches in major cities in the US, Porta Rico and Canada, Europe, and Asia  offering fashionable trendy affordable,clothing, shoes and accessories for young women, men and the expecting.
 With all the new fall trends popping up like Peplum waist lines, bold prints,and palazzo pants. It’s nice to try a trend or a new look with out the designer price commitment.

Affordable Fall Fashion Trends for Women

Afforable Fall Fashion Trends for Men

Affordable Fall Maternity Fashion

How Much Glove is Too Much Glove: Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

I have been seeing so many beautiful long leather gloves for fall this year. Kind of like the over the knee boot, these over the elbow gloves are right on trend for this year. Long Gloves can be tricky to pull off. Here is how to wear long gloves and how to try out a cape, poncho , or a short sleeved jackets too.

 How to Wear Long Gloves

How to Wear Gloves

Here are more glove styles to try for Fall
Fall Fashion Gloves

Ann Demeulemeester: Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

Ann Demeulemeester (born 1959, Waregem, Belgium) is a fashion designer whose eponymous label ‘Ann Demeulemeester’ is mainly showcased at the annual Paris Fashion Week. Ann Demeulemeester was born in Waregem, a city in the Flemish province of Belgium in 1959, and later lived in the city of Bruges. Her father, a chicory professor, and her mother both currently live in Waregem. Initially, Demeulemeester showed no interest in fashion. She attended art school for three years, where she discovered her fascination with people and portraiture, which led her to begin thinking about clothing attire. From this, Ann went on to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp from 1978 to 1981. In 1986, Demeulemeester, along with her fellow students from the Antwerp Royal Academy, went to London to showcase their collections. As a result, she is often referred to as a member of the ‘Antwerp Six’, the radical and distinctive Belgian designers of the 1980s.

Ann Demeulemeester has a unique Avant garde style that brings a sleek edge feel. Her pieces are very constructed while simultaneously being unreconstructed.
I wanted to show you some timeless pieces from a unique designer to invest in, too help you develop a personalized style, and maybe open you up to some new styles.

 ann demeulemeester fall 2011 fashion trends

 ann demeulemeester Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

You can follow the links for more information on Fall 2011 Fashion Trends and purchase information.

Product Review: Ropix The Jump Rope Shoe

Ropix is a new line of Athletic footwear that was created by Dennis Dwyer, as an idea in a boxing gym in NYC. Ropix is the first of its kind, not only specific to jumping rope, but suitable for all forefoot activities. Because of the tailored cushioning, Ropix is beneficial for any sport or activity that place impact on the balls of your feet.

 Dennis contacted Fashion Stylist to see if we wanted to give Ropix a try, and we love to try new products to give our customers our honest opinion to help them make the best purchases possible. Here is Chris’s review, 

“Having waited anxiously for two weeks for my Ropix shoes to arrive (due to a shipping error with UPS), I was not disappointed. The engineering of this footwear greatly exceeded my expectations. From the long term durability and comfort to the stylish look, this shoe has made it’s place to my favorite for high intensity workouts.

The first day of trying out the shoes, I have to admit they took a little time getting used to.  The extra cushioning at the ball of the foot and light weight material felt different than my normal sneakers but that feeling quickly passed.  The more I wore them, the better they felt.  And it went beyond that.  Wearing them, I felt myself wanting to get off my heels and be more active! They jump started my cardio workouts on the jump rope and the elliptical.  At the park, I found myself wanting to run with my dog. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep up with my pace.  

The shoes have held up well with a lot of use the last few weeks and look almost the same as the first day I got them.  And the complements on the design of the shoes are great too. I have already referred them to my friend who competes in grappling and jump rope trains often. Thank you Ropix for engineering this great shoe!”

Ropix Shoes are currently only available online at The prices are very competitive and the designs are cool and casual.

Reader Question: Is Blue Just for Boys

Q: I just found out im having a second girl. Only problem is that the guestroom that we will now be converting into her room has navy blue roman shades, and a navy blue checkered quilt on guest bed. I really want to stay with a navy blue theme but am having trouble finding crib bedding that isn’t too boyish but navy or matches well with navy. Please Help.

Thank you so much for your question and Congratulations on your baby girl!y
The trend in baby rooms now is to make a clean chic sophisticated nursery, as oppose to the babyish baby rooms of the past.The goal being that you spend money now and your child can grow into the room for years to come with minimal re decorating.  Personally I like a combination I think you should know it is a child’s room but it should fit in with the parents natural style.
I found some really cute baby bedding. Yellow and green look great with Navy, or a feminine pattern in black and white could make a very chic baby‘s room with your navy.

Another idea is to add a wall decal, with white bedding. Wall decals can be applied to any smooth surface and removed supper easy. So your navy guest room could be a beautiful blue flower garden for the first few years and back to your sophisticated plaid in less than hour. Here are some super chic and super cute examples.

chandelier nouveau wall decal

spring blossom peel stick

tiddliwinks batik butterfly wall decals

Hope this makes you feel inspired. Click on the links for purchase information. Also Make sure to check out Fashion Stylist today, over the weekend Chris did some major updates to the search.

Fall Fashion: Malene Birger "Queen of Fashion in Copenhagen"

Malene Birger is a Danish fashion designer. MTV Europe has crowned her the “Queen of Fashion in Copenhagen”, and international trend magazine Wear Global has nominated her boutique in Copenhagen as one of the world’s finest in terms of design and decor. Birger has run her own fashion company, By Malene Birger, since February 2003.

For me Malene Birger, is a breath of fresh air to American Fashion. Her designs are innovative, Wearable, Feminine With out being girly, different but on trend, and they also have a timeless quality. I sold and dressed many people in By Malene Birger including a wedding. Her pieces speak to such a large audience, everyone can relate. At Fashion Stylist, We have approximately 340 pieces from Malene Birger ranging from dresses to hand bags, shoes, and accessories. 

By Malene Birger Cardigan

             By Malene Birger Crop Leather Jacket

MCB Malene Birger

              By Malene Birger Fur Jacket

                     By Malene Birger Snake Print Blouse

          For more Fall Fashion Ideas see our looks sections Fashion Stylist Fall 2011 Fashion Trends.  To get more information about Pricing and availability follow the links above each collection of pictures and look to the right for total cost and each individual piece pricing.