Month: August 2011

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends: The Three P’s Peplum, Palazzo, Prints

The Three P’s in fall fashion today are Peplum –pep·lum  n. pl. pep·lums A short over skirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress.
Palazzo ( not the hotel in Vegas) women’s trousers with very wide legs.
Prints- patterned cloth.

Peplum  is easy to wear on most figures, it does accentuate the hips and waist adding to the hour glass curves. The construction has a very feminine feel, and works nicely with more masculine piece. 

Peplum Waist Dresses,Tops,Tunics

     And all together How to Wear Peplum Waist

Palazzo Pants look a lot like PJ’S, the trick to pulling off this look is to wear a top that can in no way be mistaken for PJ’S, pair your Palazzo Pants and top with platforms too get extra long leg appearance.

Palazzo Pants

             How to Wear Palazzo Pants Vintage Look

    Fall Fashion Prints! Big, Bold and Beautiful Prints.

Mixing Prints is all the rage right now, You should mix prints when you are sure they work together. A safe way to start mixing prints is to use a monochromatic print or textured fabric with a bold printed piece. Another tip is to mix a small print piece layered under a larger more predominant printed piece.
The Tory Burch picture below is a great example.
Fall 2011 Fashion Prints


    I am in no way endorsed Tory Burch, I really like their prints.
    Tory Burch Fall Fashion Prints

    You can follow the links to get prices and vanity codes


Hurricane Preparedness: How to Look Hot in a Hurricane

With Hurricane Season in full swing, and Irene on her way to the East Coast I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you how to look hot in a hurricane.

A hurricane is a severe tropical cyclone having winds greater than 74 miles per hour originating in the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea or eastern regions of the Pacific Ocean, traveling north, northwest, or northeast from its point of origin, and involving heavy rains.

After you have prepared the usually hurricane kit which includes….water, batteries, flash light, and non perishable food. Get started on the How to look hot for a hurricane to do list… with no electricity you will have plenty of time to…..
1. Try Out Sally Hansen Salon Effects

or Sephora Nail Patch Art

2. No showers is the perfect opportunity for rene furterer dry shampoo

3. Self sun less tan guerlain sun less tanner 
Summer is not over yet!

 Now that we have manied, pedied and bronzed, lets break out khombu later gator rubber boots, Jil Sander silk taffeta trench coat, and the cutest umbrella Squid london

How to Look Hot in a Hurricane 
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What is Labor Day and Why Can’t We Wear White

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 following the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the U.S. military and U.S. Marshals during the Pullman Strike. It is meant to be celebrated with street Parades and Parties!
 On a Lighter note, it is also known as the last day women can wear white until next summer. I did some research into this etiquette topic and the conclusion is no one really knows why this rule was created, but here are some theories;  People opt to wear white in the summer to stay cool, because darker colors absorb more sunlight and heat. Another theory was that you stopped wearing white after Labor Day because you were preparing for the fall rains… and mud and white do not mix! The last idea is that white linen is associated with leisure.  Labor Day is symbolic of going back to school and to work, where casual clothing would be totally inappropriate.

Be Bold and Carry On

Everything from this look is available at Kohl’s and at very reasonable prices I put up to pairs of shoes and two tops, I say Be Bold and Carry On, go for the red and the heel.

Abercrombie and Fitch Pay The Situation to Take Off His Shirt

 Abercrombie and Fitch, an American retailer that focuses on casual wear for consumers ages 18 through 22 has offered to pay the cast of Jersey Shore to stop wearing their Brand. News flash… Jersey Shore is your Brand, Abercrombie! I thought the same thing when Aeropostale asked Gary from Teen Mom to stop wearing their shirts.  Aero is an affordable mid western culture brand principally targeting 14 to 17 year-old young women and men.  Teen dads from the mid west are Aero whether they like it or not. I am from the mid west so this is how I know. 

I don’t think after someone makes a purchase that the company should come back and say you cant wear that because they don’t like you, or your lifestyle… and to sum it up I hope the cast of Jersey Shore gets a full refund plus some for all their Abercrombie gear, Cause I’m not sure The Situation has any other clothes. Snookie is going to have to design more than just sunglasses and slippers so all the MTV Stars don’t go around naked and broke struggling to find a new wardrobe while keeping up with all their entrepreneurial endeavors.  

pic via via

Fat Free Dressing…. and FREE SHIPPING

I am Always on the look out for new work out attire. Check out these great kohls flexees fat free dressing flared pants   I love the name!!! fat free dressing that is so hilarious literally made this post worth it.

Fat Free Dressing Yoga Active Wear 

Follow the Title Link above for prices and where to purchase. Flexees Fat Free Dressing is available from Kohls Department Stores  nation wide a long with free shipping follow the link and start shopping!


How to Store and Clean Handbags: Fall 2011 Fashion Handbag Trends

Meltonian Saddle SoapHappy Monday, It’s that time of the year again…. I am in the need for a new handbag hopefully you are too. Fall 2011 Handbags should be leather or some version of faux leather. Canvas and Straw handbags should be properly stored in their dust covers and placed in a cool dry place until next summer.  When you are preparing your leather bags for storage it is always a good idea to clean them either professionally or at home with some saddle soap and terry cloth. saddle soap is a preparatory compound containing mild soap and softening ingredients such as neatsfoot oil, glycerin, and lanolin. It also contains bee’s wax to protect leather. It is used for cleaning, conditioning and softening leather, It is  commonly used for cleaning and conditioning leather footwear, Hand bags, and jackets. Saddle soap can also help to remove common stains from light colored leather as well. To use Saddle soap you uses a white terry cloth like a wash cloth that is dry,Wrapping your terry cloth around your finger scoop a small amount of saddle soap out and work it into the leather using a circular motion. Continue over the entire bag paying close attention to stained spots.
Personally I do the saddle soap and terry cloth rub down on all my leather good, the saddle soap conditions and softens the leather insuring that your leather bag wont dry out or stain over time.
 Here are some picks that will take you all the way to spring. Listed from top to bottom.
Steve Madden 125.00                         

Sheer Pants: How to Wear Sheer Pants

Sheer Pants are here, Im not sure how popular they will be in Texas, but I think that are cute. Sheer Pants Need to be worn with a tunic that covers your behind. Wear a high platform or a wedge shoe and simple accessories. Another Idea is to wear tights under your sheer pants for some extra coverage.

sheer straight leg trousers in black 295.00
gojane sheer knit pants 40.90

Vanity codes for Sheer Pants! 30% discount for sheer black trouser  

Have You Heard? Fashions "Got Milk"

Have you seen Milk Protein fabric yet? Yesterday I read this An article from the Huffington Post about Anke Domaske a German Fashion Designer and Biologist who is using milk protein to spin fabric which is how she Creates her Gorgeous Designs. I have never touched milk fabric but she says it is as soft as silk and can be washed un like silk, and is a more affordable alternative to silk. Judging just by the video I saw from the article milk fiber fabric looks extremely smooth and the drapery was fluid, I like what I saw. Milk fiber has been around since the 1930’s when the need to extend cotton and wool rations due to the war. Milk Fiber spun Fabric isn’t anything new,  this is how ever the first time I have heard of it.
Here are some Pictures!

pics via 
and via

Affordable Plus Size Fall Fashions You Can Buy Now and Wear Later

Sometimes I come across a great piece  completely at random that inspires me to create an entire look.
Today I found this old navy plus one shoulder top 22.94 

This top is sooo cute for summer aka right now and then great for fall when you layer a Blazer or old navy womens plus rollsleeve boyfriend cardigans 36.94 


Also remember Old Navy  online only discount today for an additional 20% off with coupon code ONSCHOOL