DIY How to Recycle Blue Jeans and Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags for Dog


DIY How to Recycle Blue Jeans and Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags for Dog
At our new place, we have to do the un thinkable, and the responsible by picking up after the Fashion Beast , and he can leave some beasts.
A few weeks ago I made a  very cute pair of cut off shorts, from an old pair of seven jeans. I have hoarding tendency and kept the legs of the leggs of the jeans to make a clutch but the beast has needs that came before my clutch.
How to reuse jean legs and your grocery bags
What you will need:
One jean leg
Sewing machine/ needle and thread
Safety pin
Colored Floss
1st cut the jean leg hem off of the bottom above the stitch line and set aside
2nd turn the jean leg inside out and fold each end slightly wider than the elastic to create a tunnel to put the elastic through and pin
3rd stitch the each side leaving a small slit to feed elastic through
4th put the  safety pin on one end of the elastic and while holding the free end feed it through the entire tunnel then pull the elastic tight so you close the jean leg (and still put in bags and take them out )  when you finish feeding the elastic and pulling tight tie a each end together with a knot repeat for opposite end
5th close slits
6th take jean hem and attach to end that will be top so it will be a handle to put around your door knob
7th draw a dog bone on a sheet of white paper to use as pattern
8th cut out pattern and cut dog bone out of felt
9th using the colored floss whip stitch the bone around the edges attaching it to the bag

Boom… your done! Happy dog walking!

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