Month: July 2011

Affordable Fall Fashion Trends

Yesterday I hit the pavement in need of birthday gifts, my plan was as follows go to Lohmans find manly supper soft t shirts for my brother, and come home. How this worked was not at all according to plan. I was gone for hours and came home with nothing. BUT the point of my story is I found great Wearable, Affordable Easy to find Fall Fashions. So after I made it home, I started searching for affordable online retailers to bring to you. 
  Long Tall Sally has supper cute fall trend ready clothing for really great prices. Everything from this Affordable Fall Fashion came from Long Tall Sally and it was only $236.00 including the shoes!!!

AND to top it all off Long Tall Sally is specialty designed for… you guessed it the tall girl! Their clothing is designed in house, carefully proportioned to flatter tall women 5’8″ (173cm) and above, in sizes US/CA 4-20 & shoes 10-13. Tall shopping has never been so easy or cheap! Us shorty’s’ can stick with the accessories. 

Long Tall Sally Affordable Fall Fashion

Soft Zip Parka $59
Snakeskin Slouch Top $25
Multi Matt and Shine Necklace $15
Fashion Satchel $39
Pleat Front Pants $29
Leather Lace Up Shoe Boot $69


Mensday Wednesday: Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Men


Mensday Wednesday: Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Men
For the next few weeks, I am going to talk about one trend in mens fashion for Fall 2011 and do an inspiration look to help all you men look stylish for fall. This week is about the Cardigan. Every man should have some type of cardigan/heavy sweater or light jacket in the wardrobe rotation. It is a nice break from the sweat shirt that I hope I never see on any of you unless you are sweating. 
D&G knit Cardigan, I like the Color blocking a ton, every guy can sport some color! I paried the D&G Kint Crdigan with a  Dolce and Gabanna Veltvet Bow Tie in stead of a tie…Just cause .  

 More affordable options:
G Star 80.00 ( I feel the model is unhappy, but if this cardi makes you wanna party and you live in Canada  FREE Shipping from SSENSE )

Trendy Tuesday: How to Wear High Fashion Colored Jeans

Trendy Tuesday: How to Wear High Fashion Colored Jeans 
Colored Jeans seem to not go away, If you cant beat’em join em .
 There are two tricks about pulling off colored jeans. First is to get jeans that fit  your body correctly. I have Pretty good luck with J Brand, and Lucky if you are asking for a jean fit recommendation. Second the pants are making the statement! Do not challenge the pants trust me they will win. With that said pair colored jeans with a neutral top, and accessories.

How to Wear High Fashion Colored Jeans

More High Fashion Colored Denim

J brand is sold at Chick Downtown, and I’m looking out for your pocket book .

Exclusive Fashion Vanity Code Discounts!!!

Guess What?! The World’s Largest Site for Shoes, has along with Bagsbuy given customers an additional 10% off!!  Who doesn’t need more shoes and handbags. Shoebuy offers all of their customers free shipping, free return shipping, and 100% price guarantee for all purchases. Shoebuy has over 1,150 brands ranging from high end designer to more affordable options for the entire family.

Find the perfect style at Fashion Stylist/Shoebuy  and then enter Code: FASHIONSTY10 at check out for an additional 10% discount.

Go to Fashion Stylist/Bagsbuy  and enter Code: FASHIONSTYBAGS10 at check out for an additional 10% discount.

Here are some of my favorite Shoebuy and Bagsbuy styles for fall 2011.

From Fashion Stylist/Shoebuy!

How cute is Straw Studios Clutch, and it is only $34.95.  For more information about the looks above go here.

Never buy another pair of cut offs again!!! Best diy for your summer wardrobe!


Never buy another pair of cut offs again!!! Best DIY for your summer wardrobe
Everyone wears cut off shorts boys, girls, kids everyone. And everyone has too many jeans. Save the dollars and reuse your space holding jeans.
How to make cut off shorts
1st put on your best fitting non wearing jeans
2nd mark with a pen the length you like your shorts
3rd remove pants
4th fold the jeasn so you can make even cut aka both legs same length
5th cut slightly below pen mark ( you can always make them shorter)
6th save the legs for green dog poo bag holder!
With the money you saved from re using you can buy some super cute summer wedges;)

DIY How to Recycle Blue Jeans and Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags for Dog


DIY How to Recycle Blue Jeans and Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags for Dog
At our new place, we have to do the un thinkable, and the responsible by picking up after the Fashion Beast , and he can leave some beasts.
A few weeks ago I made a  very cute pair of cut off shorts, from an old pair of seven jeans. I have hoarding tendency and kept the legs of the leggs of the jeans to make a clutch but the beast has needs that came before my clutch.
How to reuse jean legs and your grocery bags
What you will need:
One jean leg
Sewing machine/ needle and thread
Safety pin
Colored Floss
1st cut the jean leg hem off of the bottom above the stitch line and set aside
2nd turn the jean leg inside out and fold each end slightly wider than the elastic to create a tunnel to put the elastic through and pin
3rd stitch the each side leaving a small slit to feed elastic through
4th put the  safety pin on one end of the elastic and while holding the free end feed it through the entire tunnel then pull the elastic tight so you close the jean leg (and still put in bags and take them out )  when you finish feeding the elastic and pulling tight tie a each end together with a knot repeat for opposite end
5th close slits
6th take jean hem and attach to end that will be top so it will be a handle to put around your door knob
7th draw a dog bone on a sheet of white paper to use as pattern
8th cut out pattern and cut dog bone out of felt
9th using the colored floss whip stitch the bone around the edges attaching it to the bag

Boom… your done! Happy dog walking!

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends: Shoe Trends

It is only July but summer is nearly over, and July is a great month for sales. That is why I have been hot on the trail of the new trends for fall 2011, maybe we can all find some great pieces on sale that can change over to fall. Here is what I have come up with….
Color:   Neutrals, Darks, and Reds.
Heel:     Spike, Chunk, Wedge, and Platform
Pattern: Buckles, Lace, Patten, Animal Print, Suede, and Fur
Toe:      Round or Pointy
This is my own observation I’m pretty sure man inspired shoes are going to me big in the fall

I’m not to big on the pointy toe, or lace on shoes all though if anyone is giving these away I’d happily
 wear them.

Fall 2011 Shoe Trends

Fall 2011 Shoe Trends

What to wear for an Interview

Interview!!! yay  Today I was asked what to wear for a fashion interview. To be trendy or not to be trendy that is the question. These are my key points for any fashion position you might be getting yourself into….
 1. Show you know how to wear clothes( iron, press, fit, belt loops, buttons) + Leave your sexy at home
2. Keep your fusia lip stick in your bag and the flowers out of your hair till after your first week
3. Do not mention your unmentionables no bra straps, panty lines or lace
4. Look polished with your grooming clean and neat

I wore a little bit trendy a little bit conservative literally to every interview I wore this too, I was offered the job.  This was my magic ansemble j crew black wool sailor pants , classic closed toe  too high chuck heeled mary janes(because I was too broke to have my too long pants hemmed) and a very ironed very crispy button front white shirt probably Gap. I also wore socks/stockings no bare feet! If I was interviewing for a more creative job I would swop the shirt for a tan and black stipped one, or add a jacket if less creative position. Seriously this was my money makin outfit.( I was Interviewing for assistant designers, merchandisers and sales fyi)(minus the derek lim)

Fashion is tricky even on the retail level because you need the job whether it is your personal style or not. If you can go and look at the people in the position you are interviewing for aka sales associates store manager or key holder. Then emulate what you see but nicer if that makes sence. An example would be if all the sales girls are wearing black suits like Victoria Secret  interview in a penciled skirt and tailored shirt. Some where like Free People I would go for more natural colors and make sure you look polished and well groomed no matter where you are interviewing at. 

Here are some no fail brands for your interview shopping

  For more help just ask!!

Fashionable Work Out Clothing?

Basically I hate boring outfits but sometimes boring is practical and practical is what is called for in some cases aka gym time.  I was looking up some fashionable athletic attire today and OMG not practical, not flattering and for sure not boring. Seriously most people shouldn’t be walking around in just a  bra top  if you are not in Bikrham or any sorta hot yoga Pilates class, it is just not flattering. I prefer to ignore my own rolls and I do not need to be looking at yours. I also saw a Work out Tunic?  you have to be kidding me!!! whatever is going to be coming out that tunic my eyes also do not need to see. On the right very tone body these are cute and for sure not boring but for me opt for boring, practical, and easy on the eyes.

All items shown are available here