Menswear Must Have Guide

Over the week, I have been working with Saks Fifth Avenue to create some buzz with their men's fashion. I gave some input on the different ways to wear denim and broke down personality types to show different styles available now.

'The Outlaw' describes the moto dude who likes to look tough. Click the pic for the full collection.


'The Professional' This guy is the business type. He likes to look polished wherever he is. My favorite part of these looks is all of the color and pattern. The professional look is layered and eye catching.


'The Homebody' This dude can relax like no other. Cashmere sweats no problem.


'The Rough and Rugged' collection is all about the outdoors man, ready for hike or a fashion runway. Field jackets, quilted vests, and boots will keep things practical and fashionable. 


'The Men's Denim Guide' is a sample of all of the different ways denim can be worn by men. Denim is more than just blue jeans.


This was such a fun project for me. I love a well dressed man and feel that more options need to be available for the fashion forward man.


New Year New You: How to Pick Out the Best Sports Bra

The sports bra is a very key part in the new years resolution of getting fit. I have seen some very crazy things at the gym, on the running trail, and at the yoga studio when it come to sports bras. I have seen the double up, sometime a triple. The built in bra top layered with a bra, and the not nearly enough support for a child. So to pick out the right sports bra you have many great option in tackling this beast. One is to go to a real lingerie store and get fitted. If you have extra large tots I recommend this option. Also stores that specialize in big boobs bras will likely have a selection of sports bras that branch out from typical brands. Second If you have to wear more than one you are not in the right fit or style of sports bra. Sports bras are designed for specific exercises. Buy the one for that exercise or impact level. Third if you buy a built in bra tank and still feel that you need more support do not buy that tank.
From my experience, I know I work out a lot. I have been employed by lingerie stores, and athletic wear companies I run marathons. Check out lululemon if you are of the small to medium tot variety and are into yoga or running, and like a pullover your head bra. If you have medium to large tots try Victoria Secret they offer front closure options that are easier to get on and off of sweaty tots. For the large to extra large totted ladies try Panache or Freya.


Dorothy Perkins Chuck Metal Necklace

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